The Year That Was !!!

No year has started and ended so happily in my life as the last year that went by!

2012 was supposed to be the year of doom, the year of apocalypse, the year when this world along with all its living beings was supposed to end. But FAITH had certain other designs for me. I would be guilty if I fail to say that this has been the best year in my very short life of 27 years.

The previous year had ended very nicely. I had been selected by the MPSC as an Assistant Professor in Physics and by the end of December I had got my appointment. I was to join Institute of Science, Nagpur. I joined on the very first working day of the year, 2nd January. I was highly apprehensive about the work conditions and the reception by my seniors. I am highly thankful to the entire staff of Institute of Science for making me feel at home. I never felt alone in this huge campus because of their support. The seniors guided and encouraged me and were there whenever I needed help (which I needed constantly).

In the month of February, I acted as the Presiding officer to one of the electoral booths during the NMC elections. I along with my family was extremely frightened but the help from all quarters made it easy in the end. In March, I was the Internal Examiner in the MSc I practical examinations. I have been always on the other side of the table and this really made me nervous. I am extremely lucky to have my Physics department colleagues as they made my job possible with their constant help. I got the opportunity to conduct IGNOU practicals and these really helped me a lot in improving as a teacher. I was apprehensive about my abilities as a laboratory in-charge but the two stints in April and July gave huge boost to my confidence.

I was a member of the admission committee for UG and PG admissions and those two months helped me a lot in understanding the rules and regulations. I understood a little bit of student and parent psychology and the interactions helped me to improve my social quotient. The special by-product of the whole exercise was enhancement in my Microsoft Office knowledge. It also made me know in the Institute and most of the staff members started recognizing me.

Later in September I was called to work with IQAC for the impending NAAC visit. I certainly had no idea about NAAC and for that matter what IQAC was. To make matters worse all the members knew a lot about the functioning and were adept to the procedures and I had very few days to learn just about everything. And as far as my preliminary knowledge goes it was that I knew MICROSOFT OFFICE! With this marginal knowledge I started working and I can proudly say that I did a pretty fine job out of it. I gained a lot of confidence in the IQAC along with knowledge of all kind that was pouring from all the correct quarters. It would not be wrong to say that those two months were the most important two months for me at the Institute.

The NAAC visit in the month of October was a test for the entire college. I was personally frightened as I had to constantly accompany the peer team members. I was the person they first saw in the morning and the last in the night. I was again very afraid and actually thought if somebody else could take my place but I believe I did the work quite decently.

The good faith continued and IQAC organized a successful workshop in December. I was a lucky member of the organizing committee. It was because of this good faith that I delivered a lecture on Intranet in front of an audience comprising of highly experienced academicians of not only IOS but other colleges as well. One of them were my teacher from my graduation college. I was apprehensive but when I started I felt at home. The seniors encouraged me with their appreciative nods and that made me blabber a little more than what I was required to. Eventually all went well and most of them liked the information I shared. The year ended perfectly as I was the judge of a Model competition at Raman Science Centre. They referred to me as Dr. Chandra at the outset. I had to correct them. Well it was not their fault. A 27 year old Mr. was not supposed to be there!

But what made my life actually happy, exciting and beautiful is my marriage with Pinki. It all started in April with posting the profile in Bharat Matrimony and culminated with the marriage on 24th November. (Road To My Marriage)

She is not only the love and soul of my life but my lucky charm as well. Most of the things that I said above started happening only after my marriage was fixed with her and as most of them rightly say its because of her lady luck that all good things started flowing my way. I do not know how much love I can give her but she has showered her care and love on me and my family from the word go. Along with her, I gained an extra set of loving and caring parents and a gregarious pagli sister. Her love for an unattractive man, both emotionally and physically, has given me a lot of confidence and will surely take us to new heights.

I certainly can say that this year is a precursor to all the good years going to come. Touchwood.

Wish You all a Happy, Prosperous and Rocking New Year.


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