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Laboratory Instruments

by BSc – III (2016 – 17), IFSC Nagpur

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Elasticity Viscosity
Acoustics Ultrasonics A-D & D-A Converters and Modulation Techniques
Spectroscopic Sources Basic Semiconductor Devices and Applications  Inductive and Capacitive Circuits
 Digital Electronics Atom and The Nucleus  Counters and Accelerators

BSc (Physics)

Properties of Matter Centre of mass Moment of Inertia
Coordinate Systems & Frame of Reference Gravitation Astrophysics
Magnetostatics Magnetism-and-superconductivity Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields

Mathematics & Statistics

Inferential Statistics Descriptive Statistics Interpolation
Numerical Methods to Solve Algebraic and Transcendental Equations

BSc – I (Forensic Physics)

Mechanics Elasticity Viscosity Thermodynamics

BSc – II (Forensic Physics)

Radiation Acoustics and Ultrasonics

BSc – II (Forensic Physics) (Old Syllabus)

Oscillators, Wave Shapers, Filters, Converters and Modulation Wave Motion and Sound Basic Spectroscopy

BSc – III (Forensic Physics)

Important Questions Vehicular and Railway Accidents & Related Laws Properties of Forensic Photography
Compound Microscope (Not created by me) Stereo & Polarizing Microscope SEM (pdf) (Not created by me)
SEM & TEM (ppt) (Not created by me)

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