Navy Blue Checks: My School

Navy Blue Check shirt and Navy Blue pants carry a lot of importance in my life. From KG to Xth, this was my school uniform and in XIth and XIIth my weekdays hostel uniform. Hence whenever I see this dress, I get transported to that world.

The uniform reminds me of the discipline, hard work, knowledge, courage, friendships and love we gained in our school. I strongly believe that whatever we are today started at Shirinbai Neterwala School, Maneck Nagar, Tumsar in the year 1991 and by the time we left in 2001, we were ready to face the world.

We were in a small taluka town and it was not devoid of the shortcomings of a small town. But our school didn’t allow this to be a hindrance in our path. We were not only learning the various prescribed subjects but the very concept of how to lead a successful life. We were taught hard work and discipline from the very beginning and it started in the very first act at school, checking of nails, shoes and hair at the very entrance of the assembly. Indiscipline was never tolerated and punishments were given immediately and without favouritism. We always tried to be at our best to avoid punishments but slowly it became the way of our lives. In the same manner, achievements and good behaviour was immediately appreciated and encouraged.

Religion, region, caste, creed, wealth and colour are not supposed to be practiced for discrimination. Even the preamble of our constitution says so. We learnt it very well in our school. We knew each other by names and surnames were seldom used. Caste came into contention when we filled the Xth board forms. Life has not been same since but whenever we divert from the right correct path, the teachings in the school bring us back.

Knowledge was a very important component in our studies. The aim of our school was never to make us mere literates but educated individuals. It gave us a lot of knowledge and the courage to work hard and explore the world. It was that courage which gave us success in our successive endeavours. Our school library was one of the best in this country. Not many schools can boast of such a huge collection of books. I learnt most of what I know in that library. I learnt a lot about the outside world in that library. The knowledge was helpful when I first went outside Tumsar to Serampore and then to Nagpur and Pune. I never felt myself out of place. And so was the case with all my peers and friends.

When it comes to sports, to think of it, we played so many sports which are only seen during Asian games or the Olympics. Apart from cricket and football, we played handball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, long jump, high jump, discus throw, javelin throw and shotput. We played pittoo as well as lukachhipi in the school grounds and even kho – kho and kabaddi. We learnt music, painting and productive work. We may not have appreciated all these during our school days but we don’t feel left out when we have to encounter them today. The extra – curricular activities brought the very best out of us and the culmination of the years success was the Annual Day function.

And the best were the friendships we gained in those days. We were living in a complete cosmopolitan set up. My closest friends were Maharashtrians, Bengalis, Marwaris, Kannada, Biharis, Chhatisgarhis, Gujaratis, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalis, Punjabi and Oriya. They brought the best of their cultures and we created a culture of our own. I am proud to say that even if we are not in regular contact but our hearts beat for our friends. I have never seen a single friend who doesn’t know the exact details of his near friends. In most cases our brothers and sisters are also friends among themselves. We all know each other quite well and are basically a huge family.

There is a famous saying that, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” SNS played the very same role in our lives. You will seldom find a student of SNS who has not attained success in life. Thanks SNS for everything.

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