It’s Cheap! It’s Free! It’s Me!

The recent petrol drama brought into front one special trait of human character that everyone wants everything cheaper and it doesn’t matter by how much. Any price rise is always met with a frown and any cut, how miniscule it is, is welcomed with a smile.

Let’s see how the drama unfolded in the last fortnight. The government decided to increase the petrol prices by almost 7 and half rupees. Everyone from Patel Saheb to Sakhubai condemned it and went hammer and tongs at Pranabda, albeit in their respective drawing rooms. Then came the Bharat bandh. Even though it was widely reported that the crude prices have come down, the government decided to persist with the increased prices and allowed few states in the country to go into disarray and chaos. In the course of the day, Mr. Kapil Sibal announced that under the proposed new telecom policy roaming charges will be abolished. Suddenly the country, NDTV to Facebook and Patel Saheb to Sakhubai, started discussing the free roaming and almost forgot the bandh, price rise and even the Doon Express accident!

The petrol prices came down this Sunday. Those who had filled their tanks felt cheated and some even went to the extent of praising others who filled their tanks on Sunday. The former lamented on their loss while the latter had grin extending cheek to cheek. Everyone is happy for the 2 rupees “decrease”

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