Acoustics and Ultrasonics

Sound, Velocity, Wavelength and Frequency of Sound, Classi cation of Sound Waves, Characteristics of Musical Sound, Weber-Fechner Law, Sound Intensity Level – Decibel, Sound Pressure Level (SPL), Human Audiogram, Phon and Sone, Sound Reflection, Reverberation Time, Sabine’s Formula for Reverberation Time, Determination of Absorption Coefficient of Materials in a Hall, Conditions for Correct Acoustics, Factors Affecting Acoustics of Buildings and Their Remedies, Conditions for Good Acoustic Design of a Hall, Stroboscope, Properties of Ultrasonic Waves, Generation of Ultrasonic Waves, Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Wave Generator, Magnetostriction Ultrasonic Wave Generator, Detection of Ultrasonic Waves, Determination of Wavelength and Velocity of Ultrasonic Waves in Liquids, Applications of Ultrasonic Waves.

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