I AM CALLED AS:                                                                 SUBHASISH CHANDRA

MY FRIENDS CALL ME:                                                     SUBHU

I CAME TO MOTHER EARTH ON:                                   13 DECEMBER 1985

WAS BORN AT:                                                                       KETUGRAM, DIST: BURDWAN, WEST BENGAL

SPENT MY CHILDHOOD AT:                                             CHIKHLA, DIST: BHANDARA, MAHARASHTRA

CURRENT POSITION:                                                           NAGPUR

DEGREE I COULD ACHIEVE:                                             MASTERS IN PHYSICS

OCCUPATION:                                                                         ASST. PROFESSOR IN PHYSICS, INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC SCIENCE, NAGPUR.

I CAN BE CONTACTED AT:                                                 subhasishchandra@gmail.com, chandrasubhasish@yahoo.co.in

I AM SOCIALLY AVAILABLE AT:                                  facebook.com/subhasishchandra

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