पैसा ऐसा चीज़, ख़ुदा से उन्निस बीस

Have you had an acrimonious dispute with your loved ones; relatives, children, parents and/or friends over a thing called MONEY?
If you have, this article might find a resonance with you.

To begin with, money is a much needed part of a human life. Lack of it is not advisable. This article doesn’t deal with lack or excess of money.

It deals with the problem which starts when a person begins to take interest in the money of other people. Let’s take an example.

Let us say, the net worth of a person is 100 rupees. A happy person is one who will adjust his/her living in this amount albeit striving to earn more through legal and peaceful means and subsequently improving his/her living standards.

But an unhappy person,

  • Will fret over a person whose net worth is over his/her 100 rupees. He/she will grunt, act jealous and feel vindictive over the other person. He/she will continually think his/her 100 rupees to be a result of the other person’s net worth and blame the other person for his/her presumed misfortune.
  • Will demean a person whose net worth is less than his/her 100 rupees. He/she acts abusive towards the other person and measures the other person’s life through money and money only.

A single human being has the strangest ability to be in both places at the same time. Over the period of time such persons will continue accumulating relationships which will be based on either of the two aforementioned criteria.

Any relationship which doesn’t have mutual love and respect as the base is bound to crumble, sometimes explosively.

To end with, I quote a line from Khorkuto, a bengali serial on Star Jalsha,

অন্যের প্রপার্টিতে আমাদের কোনো দিনই কোনো নজর ছিল না।
অন্যের প্রপার্টিটাকে আমরা অন্যের বলেই মনে করি।
We never had an eye on other people’s property.
We think of other people’s property as other’s only.

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